Return & Warranty

iPE Return & Warranty Policy



Product warranty period: iPE provides limited warranty service for one year starting from the shipping date. After verififying that the failure was occurred within the warranty period by iPE. No inspection, parts, maintenance or other costs will be charged and of these costs will be incurred by iPE. Product warranties are non-transferable.


Warranty policy: iPE’s warranty service follows the procedure of Repair→Replace→Refund. The principles of this procedure are as follows:

Repair: During the warranty period and under normal use, iPE is responsible for free repairs if the problem is due to product quality issues.

Replacement: During the warranty period and under normal use, if the product quality issue ariseand is unable to be solved by repair, iPE is responsible for a free replacement.

Refund: If the replacement of a new product does not resolve the problem and it is the product quality issue that causes the productunable to be repaired and used, please notify iPE within 7 days and iPE will give a full refund including shipping costs.


Product quality problems which are not included in the warranty include but not limited to the following:

Consumables: Under prolonged use, damaged flanges/screws/flange gaskets/springs/diaphragms/several strips/aluminum adapters... or slight rusting or discoloration of the product is common and natural.

The heat protector (heat wrap or heat shield) is consumable and has a certain life span. Due to differences in personal usage or frequent disassembly, damage caused by wear and tear is common.

The tips and special baking color are decorative parts. Before installation, please make sure that the appearance meets the requirements. Once installed and used, the return or exchange of the appearance will not be accepted. Pleae note that the decorative products will be affected by extreme environments. Therefore, there may be slight discoloration after prolonged use. In order to extend the tip’s lifespan, DO NOT wash with corrosive chemicals.

Regardless of whether it is a 200 cell catalyst or a catalyst-delete pipe, iPE products are designed for motorsport and track racing use only. A friendly reminder, by deleting the catalytic converters or modifying certain parts of the exhaust system, the chances of triggering the CEL 'Check Engine Light' and ‘OPF/GPF (Otto Particulate Filter / Gasoline Particle Filter) ’ warning signal are increased in certain car models and our warranty DOES NOT cover this or other software incompatibilities.

We recommend remapping the vehicle's ECU to prevent potential conflicts.The OBD control system adopts the CAN communication mode. If the vehicle itself does not support this mode or there are other OBD interface devices and taps in the vehicle, the OBD control system cannot be controlled normally, it is not covered by the warranty.

In order to protect the integrity and functionality of the exhaust system. During Valve OFF Mode, the valves will automatically open when 4,000 RPM is reached as a safety precaution.(Remind that the remote controller needs to install the accelerator signal line and set it properly (for example, when the accelerator pedal depth is about 3,000 RPM), as a safety precaution in the automatic mode, the manual mode control process requires the user to open the valve in time as a safe operation).


Product damage which is resulting from violation of normal usage, accidents or natural disasters is not covered by the warranty. Under the situations mentioned above, iPE will not be responsible for the inspection fee, maintenance fee, parts fee and the potential transportation cost.


iPE’s warranty commitment to the product is limited to the quality issue of the product itself. Warranty commitments shall be limited to the product itself and shall not exceed the selling price of the product; to the fullest extent permitted by law , iPE  shall not be liable for other damages (including but not limited to vehicle collisions or accidents, personnel maintenance costs, transportation costs, vehicle owners or employees, environmental issues, safety issues, loss of profits, other related personal losses.)


Transformation of the iPE product's ownership will cause the warranty to be automatically voided.


If personal modifications are made to the iPE exhaust system or application of non-iPE standard accessories (such as fire and heat protectors or ceramic coating) are used, iPE will not responsible for the damages and warranty will be automatically voided.


iPE 's sales of exhaust do not include labor costs for initial installation, removal, and subsequent installation/inspection.


During the use of the iPE product, due to heat or humidity or other reasons, there may be slight rusting and/or discoloration after prolonged use. This is normal wear and tear and will not be covered under the warranty.


iPE warranty does not cover any product modifications without the consent of iPE, and the warranty will automatically become invalid; if the modification is made with the consent of iPE, except for the warranty failure of the modified part, other products are still under the warranty commitment of iPE to the product.