iPE Exhaust guarantees full warranty of iPE exhaust systems for a total period of 1 year – starting from the date of purchase noted on the invoice. (Warranty is only applicable to exhaust systems purchased via iPE or iPE authorized dealers.) 

.All electronic components – 1 Year Warranty. 

.iPE 200 Cell High Flow Sport Cat Pipes – 1 Year Warranty.

.Cat-bypass Pipes (Catless) - We recommend an ECU tune as we will NOT provide warranty for CEL (Check Engine Light) when changing to Cat-bypass Pipes. 

.iPE Exhaust Tips - We highly recommend users, DO NOT wash with strong acid and strong based organic solvent.

Warranties are non-transferable

Warranty is limited to an exchange or repair of the defective part, full system will not be replaced unless required

Warranty will not be applicable if the iPE exhaust system is purchased in a country where iPE is not authorized. 

For more information regarding warranty please refer to Returns & Warranty.

When installing the iPE Cat-bypass (Catless), we recommend remapping the ECU in order to prevent potential “check engine light” (CEL) warning signals. Furthermore, we DO NOT provide warranty for “check engine light” (CEL) when changing to cat-bypass pipes or for vehicles with GPF/OPF. 

OPF Delete – For OPF models that iPE has developed, we will remove the OPF for enhanced sound quality and exhaust flow. 

All iPE exhaust systems include a Valvetronic muffler. A Valvetronic muffler (or valve-controlled muffler) features exhaust valves that influence exhaust gas flow. The inner structure of the muffler (back-box or silencer) is specifically designed to increase horsepower, torque and sound quality. Furthermore, the valves can be controlled by either the iPE remote control module or OBD II Gesture Sensor. 

Performance: Increased torque at low RPM, maximizing horsepower at high RPM. Moreover, all of iPE’s products are produced with high grade T304 Stainless Steel and Titanium which offers weight reduction as well as increased stability. 

Sound Quality: With closed valves, the exhaust sound is sporty but comfortably quiet. All vibrating drone resonance (annoying frequencies inside the car at certain rpm) are cancelled out, so that the driver and passengers can experience a comfortable and relaxed ride. With valves opened, the exhaust sound becomes as sporty and breathtaking as it gets. The trademark sound of iPE can now be enjoyed without limitations.

iPE Valvetronic Exhaust System can be controlled via either a Bluetooth Remote Control Module or OBD Gesture Controller. (only certain models are compatible with factory controls)*

iPE Bluetooth Remote control Module:

Features 3 modes: on, off, and auto.

ON: valves are fully open for maximum airflow, enhances performance and increased exhaust volume.

OFF: Valves are completely closed, significantly reducing volume for a comfortable drive.

AUTO: In auto mode, iPE’s system detects fuel pedal signals and automatically adjusts valve movements accordingly to the tps sensor of the fuel pedal. We recommend setting up the suggested opening point of the valves between 3,000 - 4,000 rpm.

OBD gesture controller (upgrade option) : 

iPE OBD Gesture Sensor is operated via an app to adjust valve control settings, available for both android and iOS.

Headers (or exhaust manifolds) are the first piping of the exhaust system that directly connects to the cylinders of the engine and collects the exhaust gas into one pipe. The purpose of headers is to increase performance by enhancing the exhaust flow for maximum power gains.

iPE headers are specifically engineered to maximize performance by enhancing exhaust flow,  resulting in maximum power gains.

iPE utilizes 200 Cell High Flow Sport Cat Pipes for all iPE systems. In terms of cat pipes, the higher the number of cells, the smaller and denser the holes are, creating higher back pressure which can increase torque performance. 

Cat bypass Pipes (also known as de-catted, catless or cat-delete) is a straight pipe that replaces the catalytic converter of the stock exhaust. iPE Cat-bypass Pipes, allows enhanced exhaust flow, resulting in an increase in sound volume and overall sound quality. (Please note, we recommend an ECU tune when changing to Cat-bypass pipes, in order to prevent CEL (check engine light) warning signals, as we do not provide warranty for CEL)  

The full system includes each part of the exhaust, from headers to exhaust tips. ( iPE’s full system may not include headers for certain models.) 

Catback system refers to any part of the exhaust that comes behind the catalytic convertor. iPE catback systems usually include a front pipe, x-pipe/ mid pipe, valvetronic muffler and exhaust tips. 

What makes an X-pipe unique is the design – shaped like an “X”, providing a crossover point that balances and equalizes exhaust flow, which ultimately improves engine output. The main differences between an X-pipe and an H-pipe is the performance gains and sound quality. In general, the X-pipe produces a higher-pitched exhaust note, whereas the H-pipe gives a deeper exhaust tone. The X-pipe also produces an increased 2-4 horsepower compared to the H-pipe, because of how the X-pipe is shaped –  creating the Venturi effect which pulls exhaust gas out of the cylinder faster. 

The main difference between Stainless Steel and Titanium exhaust systems is the weight reduction titanium offers, as titanium weighs -45% lighter than stainless steel. In terms of sound quality and volume, the difference is very negligible. Theoretically, titanium offers a crisper, and higher pitched exhaust note than stainless steel, however, it is very difficult to differentiate between the two even in person. 

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