Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS
Ger Collector’s Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS is equipped with an iPE Full Gold Titanium Exhaust System, sporting iPE Carbon Fiber Tips.  Power: +20.8 hp @ 7300 Rpm   Torque: +31.3 Nm @ 6300 Rpm  Weight Reduction: -61.3% (-19.32 KG)    
Winner of “Nissan of the Festival” at 2021 Wekfest, also known as “GTRARRI” , @pikachupcar’s Liberty Walk GT-R R35 is equipped with an iPE Full Titanium Exhaust System with 1 of 1 iPE Custom Cannon Tips. 
Mercedes-AMG GT S
Taiwanese influencer AB’s Mercedes-AMG GTS equipped with iPE’s reintroduced turbo-back exhaust system for the AMG GTS. With the iPE treatment, it not only sounds powerful, but it's also 66% (-17KG) lighter than stock.  Specifications:  iPE Cat Bypass Pipes (Catless)  iPE...