The Whole New Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Exhaust System

This week, iPE released an optimized exhaust system for the AMG GT / GTS / GTC. With the market demanding for something even crazier than the original system, iPE has lived up to its customers’ expectations.

With the newly designed system, the muffler section has now been re-designed by iPE’s sound engineers, well presenting the AMG’s signature low-down roar, while revving through strong mid-range on to a solid powerful top end, results in 114db outcome. While there’s an increase in volume, improvement in exhaust efficiency has been achieved, allowing the exhaust gases to exit smoother and faster.

With iPE’s signature Valvetronic System, this catback system still contains the ability to open and close the valves in order to fit street use  purposes. Only now, it weighs 8.6kg. Nevertheless, the entire catback system has now been sandblasted, giving it a more high-end appearance to pair with the luxurious sports car like the AMG GTS.